What It Means ?

 WASHPRO++ means you can turn your loyalty to procure materials from Wasthmatic  free of charge besides a host of free services such as installation, training.

Who Can Join ?

Anyone who is a repeat customer, be it a hospitality chain or a dealer / distributor.

How To Join ?

Just fill the registration form below and send to us

How It Works ?

You earn points for the Washmatic products purchased which can be redeemed in your next purchase, be it spare parts, accessories, consumables or your next machine

What Is The Point System ?

You may earn 1% to 5% or the basic cost of purchase depending on the annual purchase volume and type of registration.

The points are valid for 6 months from the date of earning. If you earn additional points in this period the validity of the points will get extended by 6 months.


Washpro Dealer

Washpro Chain Account