deep drawn wash tank for easy cleaning and hygiene

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The wash tank is made of AISI 304 grade deep drawn (die pressed) stainless steel, which eliminates any welded joints and problems arising from that.  Deep drawn wash tank with round corners facilitates easy cleaning. Easily removable basket support, wash and rinse arms, filters etc. For easy cleaning. Unique air break prevents back flow contaminations to the piping network.

High quality components

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Indigenously designed and developed parts for perfect results after each wash. Care has been taken to ensure that the components perform under indian working conditions

Auto cycle

The machine cycle automatically starts on the closing of door when set into auto mode. If the machine is not up to temperature, it will auto cycle as soon as correct temperature has been reached. No buttons to push. Leaves operator time to perform other tasks

High temperature wash and rinse

Washing is done at a temperature of 60°c with detergent water; this ensures 100% cleaning of oil residues.  Final rinse using fresh water removes any detergent residues on the plate. It is performed at 82°c + to kill all germs, ensuring haccp compliance. Specially designed spray nozzles ensures minimum evaporation of sprayed water and maximum contact with wares being washed.

Multiple wash programs

Option of 2 wash programs for saving time, water and chemicals. The operator can select the best suitable wash programs to suit washing needs along with continuous cycle recommended for soaking of heavily soiled dishes.

Filtration system

The filter filters out smaller particles before they enter the wash pump, giving superior wash results and reducing service requirements.

Solid state control

This technology gives improved reliability and machine flexibility, and will keep the operator informed at all stages of machine operation. Accurate chemical dosing and temperature control will ensure a first class result each time.

Strong washing power

Powerful wash pump and injection moulded scientifically set intelligent collision technology ensures maximum washing power. Unique cross blade action from top and bottom ensures that no area remains uncovered.


12 volt dc control circuit ensures operator safety from electric shocks. Temperature interlock ensures machine will not operate until the correct work temperature has been reached, giving superior results and a sanitized end product.

Dry run protection

Heater / pump will not operate if water levels are inadequate preventing burnouts

Washing and rinsing temperature indicators

Separate temperature gauges showing live temperatures guarantee perfect results

All stainless steel construction

AISI 304 ss (food grade) construction for long life.

Temperature interlock

Temperature interlock ensures machine will not operate until the correct work temperature has been reached, giving superior results and a sanitized end product.

Door safety sensor

Automatically stops the cycle should the door be opened during the cycle. This avoids accidental spillage and gives safety to the operator

Increased profits

Designed to give you huge savings in labour, detergents and water. The machine saves upto 70% water and detergents and 90% labour. The machine minimizes chipping and scratching of plates, increasing the life of expensive crockery. Space requirements are much less when compared to normal 3 sink washing system.

Zero back clearance

The machine requires no space at the rear side, this gives flexibility of installation and space savings. All service points are at the bottom side of rear panel, simple to install and maintain.

Safety thermostat

Additional safety thermostat set at 90 degree c prevents any accidents due to temperature probe failure, ensuring safety.

Comprehensive amc and spare parts stock

Once the standard warranty is over comprehensive amc’s are available at nominal rates, avoiding high ownership costs and ensuring trouble free operations for years to come. All spares parts are in stock at regional offices.