There are four important factors for good wash performance in all areas of your dishwasher:

  1. Loading the dishes correctly
  2. Water temperature of the machine
  3. Detergent and Rinse aid
  4. Water inlet pressure
  5. Quality of water

Loading of dishes

Use Correct Rack

  • The glass rack is for glasses.
  • The peg rack is for plates, trays thalis etc.
  • The flatware rack is for cutlery, large bowls etc.
  • All items should be placed facing down so that no water is collected during washing process, plates should be placed inclined facing up.

Water temperature

  • The entering water must be at least 20 degrees Celsius and not more than 60 degrees Celsius.
  • The wash temperature of the machine is 60 – 65 deg. C
  • The final rinse temperature of the machine is 82 – 87 deg. C

Detergent and Rinse aid

  • It is important to use the correct type of detergent
  • Use detergents meant for commercial dishwasher application only.
  • Washmatic recommends Washmate Plus detergent and Rinsemate Ultra rinse agent
  • Rinse agents helps water to sheet off glass and dinnerware which prevents spotting and improves overall drying performance.

Water inlet pressure

The water inlet pressure should be 2 – 4 bar (dynamic pressure)

Quality of water

The water used for dish washing should be of potable quality with hardness less that 40 Mg

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