As tempting as it is to throw everything in and get that load going, there will always be some items that are better suited to washing by hand. The force and heat of the water – and even the detergent – can damage fragile pieces. If possible, check with the manufacturer to see if the item is “dishwasher safe” – although this may not be easy in the case of older items. As an alternative, your dishwasher manual may give suggestions for the wash ability of delicate items.


Still in doubt?
To be safe, unless the manufacturer can tell you otherwise, you’ll probably want to hand wash these items:
  • aluminum untensils
  • cast iron
  • china (hand painted or antique
  • crystal
  • cutlery
  • decorated glassware
  • hollow-handled knives
  • milk glass
  • pewter
  • plastics
  • silver
  • wooden items

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